We are very proud to have been featured on She Knows as well as on What To Expect. Below you can read more about what they had to say about the Jill & Joey Maternity belt.

She Knows

"One of the least glamorous parts of pregnancy is when different parts of the body — ankles, hands, legs and feet — swell up like balloons (otherwise known as edema). Luckily this maternity support belt has received a ton of praise for its help reducing round ligament pain and swelling, so if you’re struggling with these types of symptoms, this could be the belt for you. The one-size accessory is made from breathable, cooling cotton, fits up to 45 inches, and goes on easy with velcro. Wear it over or under clothes for maximum comfort and support so you don’t have to endure any hip, pelvic and/or back pain." (sheknows.com)

What To Expect

"Some pregnancy belly support bands feel thick — but not the Jill and Joey Maternity Belt. Made of breathable soft cotton, it can stretch up to 45 inches and is fastened into place with a simple Velcro band. You can also adjust the belt to provide more compression on your bump, which may help relieve some of the strain on your back and hips." (whattoexpect.com)

If you're looking for more customer testimonials, please have a look at thousands of Amazon reviews for our pregnancy belt. We are proud to say that the Jill & Joey maternity belt has the highest rating out of any pregnancy belt, with a 4.4 star average! Many of our happy customers report improvements with their lower back pain, round ligament pain, and pelvic pain (SPD/PGP). Most say that the maternity belt is easy to put on and has been a total life saver for them.