• Jill & Joey Maternity Belt



If you’re having any round ligament pain, low back pain, or pelvic discomfort, buy this! At only 14 weeks, I started having a lot of discomfort when bending and lifting, especially when lifting my 2 year old. This belt totally saved me. It’s very soft and comfortable, and it’s breathable so you don’t get too hot. The size is very adjustable. I’m a size 16 pre pregnancy and I have plenty of extra band left. I feel confident saying this would fit almost any Mama comfortably.

KS (11/11/18)


I could immediately feel a difference the second I put it on. I am 29 weeks pregnant and starting to feel really uncomfortable. Wearing the band throughout the day really helped make moving around and getting comfortable in my chair so much easier.

Sarah (7/18/18)


I’ve had extra my bad pelvic and back pain on both my pregnancies. This one has actually almost made me cry on how bad it’s gotten so my doctor recommended a maternity belt. I’m so disappointed I didn’t get this for my first pregnancy because it is a life changer! I felt instant comfort and relief. I had a hard time getting out of the bed all the time due to both pelvic AND back pains at the same time but I don’t feel a thing with this on! It is also a less pricey one but works the exact same as more expensive brands.

Adela (3/12/21)